Move from Sage to Xero

Charlotte Johnson Web Function Limited

Charlotte was a long term Sage user when she made the decision to change to Xero Accounting Software. She had a good look round the software but decided she needed more formal training so she could be comfortable with it all.

This was made more stressful as she was also in the process of transitioning from part time to full time in her business.

Charlotte asked her accountant for help but they wanted her to stay on Sage.

Charlotte had made the decision to convert to Xero when she met Sue at a networking event. She knew instantly that Sue was the right person to help her.

Sue took away any fears Charlotte had and made the whole process fun.

Charlotte is now much more confident in the day to day use of Xero. She finds Xero is much better suited to business owners whereas Sage is more suitable for accountants.

Charlotte would not hesitate to recommend Sue to others as she has been very helpful.

Migration to Xero Accounting Software

Louise Johnson-Rose – UK Surveyors

Prior to investing in Xero Accounting Software Louise’s accounts had been very traditionally managed – paper based and excel spreadsheets.

Louise was recommended to Xero by her business coach. She was blown away by what Xero could do and watched tutorial videos to try and get a better understanding of how it all works. She also spoke to her accountant and they agreed Xero was a good choice for her but they were too busy to be able to assist with any training.

Louise had met Sue before and remembered that she was a Xero trainer. So, having invested in the software and done nothing with it for some time, she decided that she wanted to get a better understanding of how it all works.  She was anxious to get going but not too sure how to get started.

Sue made the whole process very straight forward and simple. Sue worked at the right pace for Louise and nothing was ever too much trouble.

With Sue’s assistance Louise has now migrated her whole system onto Xero. She would definitely recommend Sue to others because she is so personable and friendly.

Digital Accounting Software Training

Jane Gosling Fred Pritchard Estates

Jane works as part of a small team at Fred Pritchard Estates and needed help with Sage and Xero as she was completely new to it. She was very apprehensive to begin with.

Sue was called in to train Jane as she has a long-standing relationship with the company. The training was tailored to meet her requirements. Jane found Sue to be very patient and she felt very comfortable that she could ask any questions.

Jane is now at a point where she is comfortable in the day to day use and likes the fact that Sue is available to assist if she has any concerns.

Jane has already recommended Sue to others. Jane felt very comfortable with Sue and the training was bespoke to her and delivered at just the right pace.

Xero Training and Implementation

Alison Taylor Global Business Owner

Before meeting Sue, Alison will admit she was not very organised when it came to her accounts. Whilst she knew what her sales income was she had lost control of all her expenses. She used excel spreadsheets to manage her accounts and always ended up with a pile of expenses and receipts to sort out that would never quite fit all the different categories. It was therefore a real challenge for Alison when it came to her year end.

With Making Tax Digital coming in for larger businesses Alison knew it would only be a matter of time before all businesses would need to go digital so she decided to start using a digital accounting package.

Alison had known Sue for many years and she was her first choice to go to for help and training. Alison understands finance but when it comes to accounting and jargon she wanted to be sure to go to a trainer that she felt comfortable with and that she could ask anything without feeling stupid.

Alison reached out to Sue and within 3-4 sessions she found her brilliant. Alison now has a new lady looking after her accounts at her accountants. She has given her access to her Xero so she can see everything Alison inputs.

Alison is also using Receipt bank on Sues recommendation, so it is now as easy as taking a picture of receipts. Her bank statement is synced too.

Alison found Sue to be exceptionally open, supportive and encouraging. Nothing is too much trouble and she has the reassurance that she is doing everything she can to be compliant for HMRC. Alison would not hesitate to recommend Sue to others others.