Forecasting the future with Xero Analytics Plus

At Xero, they believe every small business should have access to trusted, insightful data that helps them understand where they are now, and where they might be in the future. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that they’ve developed a powerful new tool called Xero Analytics Plus, which is available now.

Analytics Plus is the next evolution of Xero’s short-term cash flow and business snapshot features, with greater customisation and more accurate projections. they’ve also bundled short-term cash flow and business snapshot into a free tool called Xero Analytics. It comes with some exciting new features, to help you better manage your cash flow and measure your financial performance.

Powerful predictions at your fingertips

If you’re like many businesses, you probably use a number of different tools to predict what your cash flow might look like in the future. With Analytics Plus, you can do it all within Xero, using data from your Xero account to analyse trends and get a deeper understanding of how your business is performing.

You can:

  • view a projection of your bank balance 7, 30, 60 and 90 days in the future, to give you better visibility of your potential cash flow in the longer term and help you plan ahead
  • see a prediction of future recurring transactions in short-term cash flow (such as Xero Payroll expenses), in addition to repeated invoices and bills that are already scheduled
  • manually add or remove transactions, so you can see how certain changes might affect your cash position and do some scenario planning
  • quickly analyse trends in your business performance, by customising the date ranges and account codes displayed in business snapshot
  • drill down to a transaction level at any point, to see how they’ve arrived at a particular prediction

The beauty of Analytics Plus lies in its simplicity – the dashboards are clean, simple and easy to use. Even after launch, our predictive algorithms will keep improving, providing better forecasts and actionable insights to help your business thrive. It’s also useful for advisors, giving them the opportunity to have deeper conversations with clients and help them plan ahead.

What customers say about Analytics Plus

“I feel that as a business owner, Analytics Plus reduces the anxiety of cash flow. It is quite stressful when you employ people and have bills to pay. Just knowing that you’re going to have enough money to cover everything – I feel like you can’t really put a price on having your stress levels reduced.” — Small business owner, NZ

“I really like the business snapshot tool in Analytics Plus. It is very helpful for me to take a look at the year-to-date view and compare my performance (like revenue earned and revenue billed) to last year and my internal goals. I am constantly trying to grow my revenue and this is making it much easier.” — Small business owner, US