Instant Receipt Capture with Dext

Ana Sabin – Cleanse a Drive


Ana is company secretary at Cleanse A Drive – a family business established over 20 years ago. Ana manages the accounts for the business

Ana had been using Sage for many years and was very comfortable with it until Making Tax Digital came in. She needed to get everything set up to file returns online and she did not know how to do it. Ana had looked at tutorials with Sage but found them very expensive. Ana had known Sue for some time, so she was the first point of contact to get the help she needed. Ana wanted to ensure that she got everything set up correctly.

Sue helped Ana to get everything set up on Sage for Making Tax Digital. Ana had also experienced a lot of issues with reconciling charge cards used by team members. Sue recommended Receipt Bank. Ana had looked at Receipt Bank but had dismissed it due to cost. Sue was able to offer Ana a discounted price for Receipt Bank which has resulted in the company saving both time and money in the reconciling of the charge cards.

Ana chose to work with Sue because she is very flexible, she understands small businesses and their mindset. Sue’s knowledge is invaluable, she always returns calls and if she cannot offer an immediate solution, she will always research it and come back with the answer. Sue has years of experience, is very helpful and has a very human, down to earth approach.

Ana is very happy to recommend Sue and hopes Sue gets the recognition she deserves. Sue is not about the money she is about helping you and sorting out issues as they arise.