Why Xero is The Best Option for Small Business Owners

How many SMEs rely on their administration team to look after the interests of the business?

It’s okay you can admit it; you’re in a safe space here.

So many of us overload administrators with tasks that they have received no formal training for. Accounting and bookkeeping is a prime example. As part of the daily duties, many team members are tasked with primary accounting responsibilities. They may have received minimal instruction from the company’s accountant but were then left to their own devices.

As a business owner, it can be imperative that your financial data is accessible at a moment’s notice. Will your administrator know how to obtain this information? Probably not.

I see this happening time and again in offices across the UK. Your hardworking admin staff are logging payments, issuing invoices, and doing what you’ve asked of them, but they have no experience or knowledge of accessing the actual figures.

What if I told you there was a way to simplify your processes and make your financial data accessible with the touch of a button?

Using Xero for business


Who owes you money? Who do you owe money to? Not everyone has an ‘Annette in Accounts’ to provide these answers. Most of us don’t even understand the bookkeeping jargon!


With Xero accounting software, you won’t need to Google accounting terminology when you get stuck. No, this smart software works behind the scenes, to help you and your business save valuable time.


Technology now plays a critical role in our business development and day-to-day duties. With Xero, it can benefit your business in many ways, including time management, productivity, and stress relief, as well as improving your cash flow.


SMEs in the UK generate 47% of the nation’s revenue, but without a positive process in place that optimises staff efficiency, you risk preventing business growth.


How can we help ourselves and our businesses?


Cloud accounting – it’s not fluffy!


Cloud accounting is a software solution where business owners can transfer and keep their account books online. Income, expenses, assets, and liabilities are moved to the cloud and accessed remotely by you from anywhere in the world.


Only your immediate team can access the information via your login details, giving them the facilities to find data about your sales, purchases, quotes, bills, and invoices.


You can see the current financial position of your business at any time, without having to disturb Annette in Accounts! Because Xero is cloud-based, you don’t have to update or install anything as back-ups are done automatically, while you sleep.


Never again will you have to harass your poor admin staff for financial data or customer information as this is now available immediately. You can create a dashboard that shows you, your team, and any business advisors, all the crucial financial information that may influence your daily decisions.


Work smarter


The flexibility and freedom you (and that poor stressed out administrator) will have by switching to Xero accounting software are just two of the many perks.


You can run your business from work, home, or virtually and be confident that the information you access is up-to-date, giving you a snapshot of your accounts within seconds.


Never be frightened of accounting or bookkeeping again. Let me help you work faster and more efficiently by guiding you through the entire transfer process from paper to cloud.


To find out more about Xero and how I can help support you and your business take advantage of my FREE consultation call (add LINK).